Proven to instantly neutralize 99.994% of the COVID-19 virus in the air and on surfaces

Advancing Abilities, Inc., a residential provider that runs eight large Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) in Southern Ohio, purchased 20 Serenio units in October 2021. Over the 2-month timespan since the units were installed in the ICFs, they have not had a single case of flu or COVID-19, and the staff reports feeling 100% safer. As a result, Advancing Abilities has ordered 27 additional Serenio units for use in their day program location and in four other homes.

Here’s what owner Dave Rastoka had to say about his experience with Serenio:

“We purchased 20 Serenio Units in October of 2021 to support and protect individuals with developmental disabilities.  We operate 8 large Intermediate Care Facilities, and the units were extremely easy to install, are very quiet and most importantly, our staff feel 100% safer.  We loved them so much that we just ordered 27 more Serenio Units for our day program and 4 other homes.  With the vaccine mandate looming over us, we honestly feel that the Serenio Units provide us with a much safer environment than the vaccines.  Since they were installed, we have not had any flu or Covid cases.”

Dave Rastoka, Owner

Advancing Abilities, Inc.

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